Reception and pre-school classrooms

Both classrooms are bright and spacious. They both have double doors that open onto the garden and are fully equipped with large and small constructional toys, small world play, books, puzzles, games, musical instruments.

Art and craft room

This bright and airy room has a large floor to ceiling window that looks onto the garden. Children can experiment with different textures and materials such as sand and water, paint, clay, glue and collage.

Quiet room

This room provides a peaceful rest space for story time, circle time and small group news and discussion. Rest beds can be set out in this room during the day if children need to rest or sleep. There are two huge cupboards full of story and picture books and two book stands displaying even more books.

The house

The house is uniquely designed as a miniature house, complete with upstairs bedroom, kitchen area, living room area and authentic little leaded windows and tiny front and back doors. This room is perfect for children to develop their imagination.

Entrance porch

Parents and carers are required to ring and enter the porch. A member of staff will verify who you are and allow you entry into the entrance hall to drop off or collect your child. There are two notice boards, one displaying information for parents and carers and the other displaying the staff team and information about who they are and their qualifications etc. There is a large red post box which parents and carers can post payments, letters or notes.

Changing room

The changing room leads off from the toilet area and provides a large space for nappy changing. Each child has their own box to keep their nappies, wipes and cream in and these are stored neatly underneath the changing mats area. There is also a large sink for rinsing and washing clothes etc.

Dining room and kitchen

This spacious and sunny double room has double doors opening out onto the side of the nursery. It is fully equipped with brightly coloured dining tables and benches. The children use this lovely room to sit and have a chat and a snack. Cooked lunches are freshly prepared, cooked and served in the kitchen area.


Both Classrooms open out onto the garden. There is a large grassed area with raised flower beds and two large areas covered with rubber safety matting. There is a large range of outdoor play and climbing equipment. The garden shed houses a great selection of bikes, scooters and other ride on vehicles along with outdoor play equipment.

Entrance hall

Parents and carers are welcomed into the entrance hall. Each child has a box on the shelf where their work and any correspondence is stored ready to take home. Reception and Pre-School classroom, the toilet area and dining kitchen lead off.

Toilet area

There are six small toilets housed in little cubicles, three on each side and there is a sink block in the middle with six small sinks. Everything is sized especially to encourage children to become independent. Paper towel and foamy soap dispensers are fixed to the wall at just the right height.

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