Daily Activities

Our daily activities provide your child with stimulating and fun learning experiences enabling your child to develop emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually.

Activities are planned to cover seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as set by the Isle of Man Department of Education. These areas are divided into
Prime Areas and Specific Areas as follows:

Prime Areas:

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development

2. Communication and Language (CL)

3. Physical Development (PD)

Specific Areas:

4. Literacy (L)

5. Mathematics (M)

6. Understanding of the World (UW)

7. Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

The Nursery follows a topic plan and each topic is explored through carefully planned creative, constructional and imaginative play based activities such as music and percussion, singing and dancing, sports and games, stories and discussion, cutting and sticking, activity sheets, cooking, art and craft, outings and visits.

Large ‘What I did today’ boards are on display both in the reception and pre-school class informing parents and carers of what activities your child has taken part in during their session.

Every child has their own named box and everything that they have carefully created at Nursery will be put in there to take home.

During the year every child will create a ‘My Park House Nursery Story’ book. This book is a record of their year in Reception or Pre School at Park House Nursery. The book is full of things they’ve made, drawn, painted, glued, grown, created, observed and experienced with photographs and observations of the activities they’ve enjoyed doing.

Lunches and Refreshments

Children attending Nursery morning or all day will have lunch at Nursery. Children can choose to bring a packed lunch or have a cooked lunch provided by Nursery. There is a £3.00 charge each day (this is not included in the tariff below) if you choose for your child to have a cooked lunch. This charge will be included in your monthly Nursery fees. If your child is absent for any reason or away on holiday your child’s lunch charge can be claimed back.

A variety of snacks and refreshments (water, juice, fresh fruit, buttered toast, crumpets, fruit cake, cheese and crackers, biscuits, vegetable sticks and dips etc) are provided by Nursery each morning and afternoon and are included in your monthly Nursery fees.

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